CPR AED Instructor Course

As a side note to your CPR Instructor business… this is a profitable angle I use in each class I teach and believe me, it works!

When I’m conducting a class I’ll always have a captive audience right in front of me while stressing the importance of early defibrillation, and believe me… It’s way easier to sell an AED to your customer when you have just completed a live demo and have captured everyone’s attention. I do this all the time.

Here is the best part; as a CPR instructor you can now buy an AED for wholesale as a rep from the AED manufacturer, which comes out to $400 -$500 less than what it goes for at retail.  In translation, you’re making an estimated $400 for doing absolutely nothing. All you need is a resale number (which you can easily get around the town you live in). Also as a rep you pay no shipping and no tax which you can easily pass along to your customer, another point to bring up with your customer.

The AED Company I recommend to go with is Heartsine. The AED that I rep is the Heartsine 350P AED. It’s one of the more affordable AED’s on the market along with one of the best warranties (8) years. This particular AED also has one of the best prices for AED reps which of course would be you. Here is the info on Heartsine.