Researching Your Competition, Positioning Your Business, and Setting Your Prices

Like every service, there is a market for CPR instruction and certification. The first step to determining and creating your pricing for your new business. Do your research and learn what your competition is charging. Using the Internet is super easy. Simply enter your queries into Google (or whatever search engine you use) the words “CPR Instruction” followed by the name of your town or city you will be doing business in. For example, if you live in Phoenix, it will be “CPR Instruction Phoenix”. Also try different terms such as “CPR Certification Phoenix”. These searches will produce a variety of results, including some existing for -profit CPR training schools.

Some will have their prices listed on their websites. If they do not have prices, call and ask. You can quickly get a good idea for the prices in your area. Note that prices vary significantly from city to city, and sometimes within the same city. Investigating your competition thoroughly will be important to your success.

There are likely some large established training facilities in your area. Do not be intimidated by them. Many of these outfits are so busy that they cannot handle all the business that comes at them. Others are simply not very good, for a variety of reasons. Remember that you are in a SERVICE business. The more courteous, professional, polished, upbeat and knowledgeable you are, along with the fact that you are offering a service of great value at a reasonable price, the more business you will get and the better reputation you will achieve. Everything, from your website, to your phone message, to the way you speak to your customers and reply to their e- mails…all aspects of your business should gleam with excellence. This is how you will get a reputation for being the best in your area, by consistently delivering an excellent image and an excellent service.

As you investigate the various websites of your competition, you may find that some of them focus on group classes, and others focus on individuals. Some may focus on teaching classes at client sites, and others may focus on doing classes at their own location. Some may focus on skills tests, and others may focus on full classes. Some may focus on healthcare providers, and others may focus more on ‘civilians’. Ideally, you want to discover a gap in your market.

What is it that people might want in terms of CPR classes that are currently not being offered, or for which there is little competition? Perhaps there is a market for travelling to more remote areas to teach classes? You can typically charge your travel expenses and a premium in such a case, if they have no local instructor. My wife once flew from Anchorage to the Arctic Circle to teach CPR to the employees of Prudhoe Bay. She managed to charge a hefty premium for these trainings, which illustrates my point. Small remote towns are unlikely to have certified CPR trainers, but they may have a need to have some of their residents’ or employees certified and they will pay top price for it.

BIG Money Classes!

Large Hotel Chains… Hyatt’s, Marriott’s, & More

With the larger chain hotels such as Hyatt Regency, Marriott, Holiday Inn and so forth, corporate has policies in place that mandate a portion of their staff has to be trained in CPR/First Aid, all the way from engineers to the wait staff. This can translate into large classes for you considering the number of employees these large hotels have.

I am at a Hyatt Regency at least twice a year holding classes for them with an average of 20 people in each class. These are some great numbers for you and your bank account. The people you want to target are the decision makers. It is either going to be the head of Security/Loss Prevention, or the General Manager of the hotel. Almost always, these are the people responsible for making these types of decisions.

Sample Marketing Letter to Hotel Chain

To: GM / Loss prev. / Security director

From: xxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Subject: CPR/first aid instruction for hotel staff

Hello, my name is xxxx xxxxxxx, owner of xxxxxxxxxxx inc.

I am writing to you to pass along some information that might be helpful to you regarding CPR/first aid classes for your hotel in the future. With the influx of summer approaching and hotel bookings usually increasing around the month of May/June, many hotels, vacation rentals, etc… ahead of time provide CPR/first aid/AED training to their employees to keep them current with this training.

Although many hotels in our area require this type of training for a percentage of their staff, there are handfuls that don’t, but still choose to offer it seeing it as a valuable asset in keeping their property and their customer’s safe along with reducing their liability.

With every time-efficient class we provide to our customers, we always cover Adult, Child, & infant CPR, first aid, and AED (Defibrillator) training. You may schedule a class 7 days a week, and day and evening classes are both available. Our instructors come to your location so that your staff is minimally detained. We are able to keep our pricing affordable and competitive so that many of your staff can participate, plus we would love to add you to our list of satisfied clients like Hyatt Newport, Marriott, and La Quinta Inns & Suites as well as Montage Laguna. We service Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire.

If you would like any details on classes, a competitive quote or a referral from any of our current clients, please be sure to contact us at your convenience.


Your name

Owner/lead instructor

School Districts

If you can get into a school district or multiple school districts, this can be a gem to mine for your business. A friend of mine who teaches with me, secured a district up in Long Beach, CA where I was helping do a class for 110 teachers and coaching staff. At the end of the day after he paid the instructors helping him out, can you imagine the paycheck he received after this class? $$$$. It turned out he had connections at the school district that got him in there. So, you can easily see the importance of using all of your connections, everywhere.

I also have secured classes at local high schools in my area taking care of their teaching staff and coaches all at once. I had a class this last year where there were 32 people in attendance for my CPR/First Aid class. These large classes really pay off. Find those opportunities in your area!

These types of accounts are goldmines for you!

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