Frequently Asked Questions on How To Become A CPR Instructor 

How much money can I make at doing this type of work?

By working it part time, a conservative figure would be around 45K per year. If you’re working at it full time, close to 90-110 K per year. The best part about this business is that when you do instruct a class, you’re making a HIGH hourly rate compared to someone that’s working a 9-5 job and getting paid by the hour. I can literally make in 3-4 hours which many people make all day. To be honest, I have not worked a 40 hour week in 9 years since I started this business.

How much do I need to invest in this business?

Typically you shouldn’t have to spend more than 3,500 to get everything up and going. That includes getting your training certification, business license, supplies such as manikins, Defibrillator trainer, related supplies, etc… Plain and simple…. They’re not many businesses you can start with such a low initial investment.

Do I need special permits to operate this business?

Besides a business license, your certification card, and liability insurance (which is cheap) there is nothing else you need.

Do I need employees to make this business work?

No. I’ve been in business for 9 years and operate 100% on my own. On occasion when I get to busy, I’ll hire other instructors and pay them an hourly wage to teach the class for me. It keeps things real easy and simple, just how I like it.

Will this benefit me if I'm already a CPR class Instructor?

Not only is this guide perfect for the person starting out in this business, it’s also extremely useful for other instructors that are already in the business that may be struggling and looking for new marketing ideas, strategies, etc… that they have not tried previously, which could translate into increased revenue for them.

Is this service in demand?

There are many professions that require their employees to hold a CPR certification. Here is just a sample of them.
(Teachers of all professions, Dentist, Orthodontists, Plastic surgeons, Fitness professionals such as trainers, dance instructors, Pilates and yoga instructors, Construction workers, Hotel staff of large hotel chains, Costco employees, Drug Treatment facilities, Water districts, School district employees).

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