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9 years ago I started from scratch a CPR training company, A Hero for Life ( Back then I was running another business which I’d become burned out with and looking for something different. The one thing I already had going for me was that I already knew how to run a small business from my last company. A little under 3 years ago I came up with an idea I had brewing and authored a digital How-To guide on how to start your own CPR training business like the one I run to this day. The one thing I wished I had back then was someone to show me exactly what I needed to do to start a successful business like the one I’m referring to, how to market myself, sectors to penetrate, etc… Now I’ve decided to pay it forward and share with others what I did to make my business a success in a fraction amount of the time it took me.

The Benefits You Will Receive From My CPR Business Guide:

  • My knowledge of running a successful CPR training company for over 9 years
  • All of my marketing materials (which are in a editable format) which I still use on a regular basis
  • 90 Days of unlimited phone support to answer any and all questions you may have. (This alone is huge!)
  • A detailed blueprint on the nuts and bolts of this kind of business and how to run it successfully
  • The best place to go for Liability insurance which can save you big $$
  • Best places to find the supplies that you will need to run this business (which is minimal)

Ready To Start Your Own Lucrative CPR Training Business?

Reoccurring revenue for you every 2 years if you follow what I show you

“90 DAYS OF PHONE SUPPORT To Get Your Questions Answered"

CPR Business Guide Price: $179.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How much money can I make at doing this type of work?

    A.By working it part time, a conservative figure would be around 45K per year. If you’re working at it full time, close to 90-110 K per year. The best part about this business is that when you do instruct a class, you’re making a HIGH hourly rate compared to someone that’s working a 9-5 job and getting paid by the hour. I can literally make in 3-4 hours which many people make all day. To be honest, I have not worked a 40 hour week in 9 years since I started this business.

  • Q.How much do I need to invest in this business?

    A.Typically you shouldn’t have to spend more than 3,500 to get everything up and going. That includes getting your training certification, business license, supplies such as manikins, Defibrillator trainer, related supplies, etc… Plain and simple…. They’re not many businesses you can start with such a low initial investment

  • Q.Do I need special permits to operate this business?

    A.Besides a business license, your certification card, and liability insurance (which is cheap) there is nothing else you need

  • Q.Do I need employees to make this business work?

    A.No. I’ve been in business for 9 years and operate 100% on my own. On occasion when I get to busy, I’ll hire other instructors and pay them an hourly wage to teach the class for me. It keeps things real easy and simple, just how I like it.

  • Q.Will this benefit me if I'm already a CPR class Instructor?

    A.Not only is this guide perfect for the person starting out in this business, it’s also extremely useful for other instructors that are already in the business that may be struggling and looking for new marketing ideas, strategies, etc… that they have not tried previously, which could translate into increased revenue for them

  • Q.Is this service in demand?

    A.There are many professions that require their employees to hold a CPR certification. Here is just a sample of them.
    (Teachers of all professions, Dentist, Orthodontists, Plastic surgeons, Fitness professionals such as trainers, dance instructors, Pilates and yoga instructors, Construction workers, Hotel staff of large hotel chains, Costco employees, Drug Treatment facilities, Water districts, School district employees).

Scott Lehnkering

I’ve owned a successful CPR Training business for the last 10 years.
Now I’m here to help you create your own lucrative CPR training business "step by step".

Scott Lehnkering

4 Reasons Why CPR Training is A Great Business to be in…

  • High Hourly Rates

  • Repeat Business

  • Recession Proof

  • Time Freedom

As a side note... this is a profitable angle I use in each class I teach....and believe me, it works!

When I'm conducting a class I'll always have a captive audience right in front of me while stressing the importance of early defibrillation, and believe me... It's way easier to sell an AED to your customer when you have just completed a live demo and have captured everyone's attention. I do this all the time.

Here is the best part; as a CPR instructor you can now buy an AED for wholesale as a rep from the AED manufacturer, which comes out to $400 -$500 less than what it goes for at retail.  In translation, you’re making an estimated $400 for doing absolutely nothing. All you need is a resale number (which you can easily get around the town you live in). Also as a rep you pay no shipping and no tax which you can easily pass along to your customer, another point to bring up with your customer.

The AED Company I recommend to go with is Heartsine. The AED that I rep is the Heartsine 350P AED. It’s one of the more affordable AED’s on the market along with one of the best warranties (8) years. This particular AED also has one of the best prices for AED reps which of course would be you. Here is the info on Heartsine.                                                  

Heartsine Technologies

You have this at your disposal as an Instructor, take advantage of it and do what I’ve been doing for 8 years!

Ready To Start Your Own Lucrative CPR Training Business?

Reoccurring revenue for you every 2 years if you follow what I show you

“90 DAYS OF PHONE SUPPORT To Get Your Questions Answered"

CPR Business Guide Price: $179.00

  • Want to talk before you get started?

    Call Scott directly at (949) 547-3412

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